Syncing image documents and saved websites between iOS and Win (1.9.7)


I use an iPad Pro, iPhone and Windows 10. All fully up-to-date, bought only a couple of days ago. Bought the iOS version first and was enamoured so bought the Windows version too.

Last night I added a huge bunch of websites and images to my project on my iPad only to find that I can see neither via Windows 10. I didn’t realise the websites would be webarchive files and the images just don’t show up at all, it’s a blank editor screen.

I realise that the Windows version is pretty behind the Mac version - but is there an easier way of sharing these kinds of files between the platforms using Scrivener or am I just stuck with having to write entirely on my iPad? Do I need to go through all of the web pages again and import as PDFs instead?

Really gutted and it’s my fault; I should have checked or done more thorough research first.

Thanks for any advice/support.