Syncing iPad

I’m trying to update sync on my iPad but keep getting error message : “An error occurred when trying to create a local directory. Error: The file “how to” doesn’t exist.”
I don’t have a file “how to” in any Scrivener location.
I’m syncing via Dropbox.
MacBook Pro OS 14.2.1 Scrivener 3.3.6
iPad Pro iOS 17.4.1 Scrivener 1.2.4

There’s a troubleshooting guide here:

And a full set up guide here:

Is the project you’re trying to sync in the Dropbox folder on the Mac?
Is the Dropbox software on the Mac installed, running, and logged into your Dropbox account?
If you check with a browser, is the project present in your account at
Is iOS Scrivener configured to use the same account and folder that you’re using on the Mac?

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