Syncing is messing up formatting

Hi all,

I have been hunting around for answers to this for a while now, but have come up with nothing. Hoping I can get a little assistance!

I sync my project to a folder on a USB drive. However, every time it syncs, Scrivener automatically converts my linked comments to inline annotations! I can’t figure out how to stop it from doing this, and since I’m currently revising, it’s starting to drive me insane. I want the comments to be linked to certain pieces of text, and when it gets converted to inline annotations, I have to go back in, convert it back over, and then re-do all of the comments since the links to the text has been lost. What am I doing wrong here? (Note: The linked comments are mysteriously preserved in the synced documents, but not in the original. I hope this indicates that I have some weird pre-sync setting on or something, and not that there is no way to stop this from happening!)

Another (possibly related) problem is that if I edit any of the documents in the sync folder in another word processor (Microsoft Word is my go-to ), then when I sync it and open it again in Scrivener, the spacing formatting has automatically changed. I usually have 0.00in indentation to the left and right of all documents, but it will automatically change it to 6.00in to the right for all documents edited in Word, which then has to be changed back by hand. Again, what am I doing wrong? Is there a way to make the sync process leave my spacing alone?

I feel silly asking for help with such simple problems, but I’m about at my wits’ end trying to deal with them, so any advice offered is very much appreciated!