Syncing issues between new Mac and ios

Hi, I’ve been using Scrivener ios on my ipad and iphone, and syncing with dropbox with no problems.

Just downloaded the Nano trial version on my MacBook, as well as the Dropbox app, and after syncing, I have no problems with all my projects, except two for some reason (as luck would have it, the most important 2). I can see the binder and the titles of each file, but the files are blank. All the other projects are fine. Any idea what I’ve done wrong please?

I’ve tried unlinking dropbox from my macbook, deleting it and re-installing it, but it’s the same thing. I"ve double-checked and my dropbox settings on the ios version are to store files in the apps/scrivener folder… Thanks!

Two guesses:

  • you opened the projects before the DB app had had time to download everything from the DB server.
  • you have clicked on folders in the binder but the editor is in single document mode, only showing text in the current document and because you are in a folder there is nothing to see; this is fixed by clicking the editor icon again to get multi-document view