Syncing issues question 2:

Here’s my second question about syncing:

What is the proper way to move a file OUT of dropbox when it is syncing with a bunch of other devices?

I have a large file that I’ve been syncing—a novel. At one point there was a syncing error and scrivener on my laptop asked me if I wanted to make a backup version.

Just to sure, I did. But now I have two copies of the novel in my Dropbox scrivener folder.

My question is this:

How do I remove one of them?

If I go to dropbox and move one of them onto my desktop, this seems to mess up the syncing on my devices—they still want to see it, and say that it’s there even though it’s not.

What is the proper way to get it out of there without confusing the rest of my devices?

Thanks, Jay

I simply move the complete packages into or out of the folder that I sync with my iPad. Provided that everything is synced before this, it works without problems.
If you have problems with “gjost” projects on the iDevice, move the folder and then reset the Dropbox cache on your iDevice - go to Settings on the iDevice, scroll down to Scrivener and reset the cache.

thanks lunk

What do you mean by “move the folder” ?

I removed the file from the folder and did the sync reset as you mentioned.
By that I mean I went to “reset scrivener/clear dropbox sync cache”

All it did was replace the copy that I had moved —it’s back in the folder again. But significantly smaller for some reason—it went from 62 MB to 43 MB

so now I have an entirely new copy to deal with that has been mysteriously trimmed down even though it seems to have everything there.

The titles are the same in the app so it’s very confusing…I can’t tell from within the projects window which is which.

Isn’ t there a way to simply DELETE the project from within the app?

Ok…I just answered my own question.

So far, it seems to have worked. I deleted the damn copy.

By “moving” I meant that I go to Finder, on the Mac, and drag-drop the project from my sync-folder to another folder. I have all my Scriv projects in a folder in my Dropox folder on the Mac, and the current projects that I want to sync with the iPad in a subfolder (‘Active projects’)under the ‘Scrivener projects’ folder. When I want to be able to work on a project on my iPad I drag-drop it into ‘Active projects’, and when I don’t want to clutter the projects view on my iPad with it, I go back to the Mac and drag-drop it out of the subfolder and into the parent folder ‘Scrivener projects’.

Has never failed so far. Never any problems at all with syncing between two Mac’s and two iPad’s.