Syncing Issues

I’m trying to figure out how to get the Sync working properly. If I have “sync contents with Draft folder” checked off, everything within “Manuscripts” from Scrivener syncing into Draft. But if I have that unchecked and “Sync only docs in collection Dropbox Sync” ticked off, nothing gets synced over.

If I have both checkboxes ticked off and then sync, I have Draft folder but nothing within gets synced over. What am I doing wrong? I’d like to have contents within Characters, Manuscript, Places and Research available when I’m using my iPad.

The problem, from what I can see in the screenshot, is that you have nothing in the “Dropbox Sync” collection that is eligible for sync. There are the three special root folder items (it’s in fact a bug that you can even add those to collections, as there is no functional reason for doing so) do not have text content, and I’m guessing your character sheet folder doesn’t either.

Think of this collection like a filter: if the item you wish to sync is not in this list, it will not be synced. There may be occasions when you want a container, but not all of its child items, for example, so we can’t just assume that because you have a folder, the child documents should all be included as well. Here’s a tip for you: if you want to include an entire folder in a Collection, including all of its descendent items, hold down the Option key while dragging that folder to the collection.

Ahhh, got it. Disappointed, but understandable. I can just export and save as text files the character sketches and so forth while I wait for the iOS version.

I perhaps miscommunicated, as I’m not sure what would be disappointing about any of this. Perhaps explain a little bit of what you are trying to do? This feature is designed for what you are describing, that was the whole idea for including it, so people could work with satellite devices more easily.

If you’re just trying to sync the character sketches, then set both checkboxes for Draft and “everything else”—so the whole Binder is now eligible, then Option-drag the character sketch folder to your pink collection to sync just those files.