syncing mac with dropbox

I’m trying to sync my Mac with Dropbox so I can use Scrivener on my iPhone.
But I can’t see a sync button on Dropbox either on my Mac or my phone. I’ve tried to upload a Scrivener file but it shows greyed out.
I’d much appreciate any suggestions or advice as to what I’m doing wrong or not doing at all. Or isn’t it possible to have Scrivener on my iPhone without buying the IOS app?
Thanks for any help.

I am a little confused as to how you are going to set up sync without Scrivener on the phone. You can of course put your projects into the Dropbox folder from your Mac, and they will upload to the server that way, but you need something on the other side to download them, and open them. At any rate, there is a simple setup guide in the iOS version itself that you can follow, and a much more thorough troubleshooting guide, in our knowledge base.

Thanks for your message. I did check the L&L instructions for connecting Mac Scrivener with IOS but, being fairly clueless technically, I had no luck.
I’ve opened Scrivener for IOS on apps but it’s a paid one.
So do I have to buy the IOS app even though I bought the Mac version?


That seems unfair. One can have the app on 5 devices except a phone :frowning:
It’s not an inexpensive app for either a Mac or on IOS.

The iOS version is a completely different piece of software, requiring completely independent development.


Thanks, Katherine, now I understand. :slight_smile: