Syncing New Files in a Project: Vanishing or False Conflicts

I created about 30 new files in a project, synced, and they all vanished. This has happened a few times now. Dropbox was fully synced first.
At other times, I created a new file, synced, and the file was moved into a Conflict folder even though it wasn’t in conflict with any existing file and didn’t have a similar name.
Mysterious. I’ll try tracking my sync process to see if I can figure out the sequence that causes this. Thoughts?

Syncing and going which way? Create where, and disappeared where?

For the files that vanished: created on iPad, disappeared everywhere.
For the files that ended up in Conflicts without having a conflict: not sure. I think I created them on the iPad.

You need to explain what you did, in detail. What steps you went through, on each device.

What you do on the iPad is automatically saved on the iPad, whether you hit the sync button or not. The only thing that happens when you tap sync is that your changed files are copied from the iPad to the Dropbox server. But nothing is removed from the iPad as such.

The only way I can think of to make things disappear from the iPad is if you never tap sync on the iPad, then open the same project on the Mac, fiddle around a bit looking at the project which then looks exactly as before you did anything on the iPad, quit Scrivener and autosave the ‘old’ project, let it copy again as usual to the dropbox server, reset the dropbox cache on your iPad and then sync, which could possibly overwrite any changes made on the iPad. But even so, you should end up with a lot of conflicts as there would then be lots of files on the iPad that didn’t match what it found on the dropbox server.

So exactly what did you do? Step by step please.

Or maybe this could help: Here is a certain description of a way of working with Scriv on two devices. In what way does this NOT sound like how you are working?

  1. Finished working on the project in mac Scriv.

  2. Closed the project.

  3. Let Dropbox autosync those changes Scriv writes to the project file on close.

  4. Opened Scriv on iPad.

  5. The project in question was not already sitting open in iOS Scriv.

  6. iOS Scriv detected the need to sync, and I told it to sync now.

  7. When syncing got finished, opened the project in question.

  8. Made some new files in that project on iOS Scriv.

  9. Exited the project (went to Scriv top level) and tapped Sync.

  10. Let Scriv complete its Dropbox syncing.

  11. Woke up my Mac.

  12. The project in question was not sitting open on my mac Scriv.

  13. Before opening the project, waited for Dropbox to auto-sync my Dropbox folder.

  14. Opened the project in question.

  15. Found files that had been created on iOS Scriv were not showing up in the project.

  16. Closed the project and reopened it again from the Finder directly from my Dropbox folder (just to be sure).

  17. Confirmed the new files were not there.

Knowing in what way this does not sound like how you are working might help narrow in on what might be going wrong on these occasions where you have seen this problem.

Just a thought.

Hmm… Now we’re closing in on the magic side of things, finding files that don’t show up. :open_mouth:

Thanks for the long menu of possible problems. Here’s what I’m doing differently:

  1. Closed the project. I SAVE IT BUT LEAVE IT OPEN.

  2. The project in question was not sitting open on my mac Scriv. IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN, BUT I SYNC FIRST.

Conflicts are detected. The new files have disappeared on both devices. What is scrivener doing behind the scenes that might cause this? Understanding the app’s work flow would be helpful. Thank you.

There must be something else you are doing that deviates from rdale’s description.

You can look at it this way.
There are three “computers” involved, and copying between them:

Your Mac
The Dropbox server
Your iPad

When you save a Scrivener project on your Mac into the correct Dropbox folder, the Dropbox App on your Mac copies those files from your Mac to the Dropbox server.
When you start Scrivener on your iPad and tap Sync, the iPad copies the same files from the Dropbox server to your iPad.

Then you work for a while on your iPad.

When you are done, you tap Sync again to copy any changes from your iPad to the Dropbox server.
When you start your Mac you must first wait for the Dropbox App on your Mac to copy any changes from the Dropbox server to your Mac.
When that is done you can open the project in Scrivener on your Mac.

So where in this are you doing something else?

I’m flawless at waiting for Dropbox to complete, so it’s something else. I do have Scrivener on my iphone as well, and sometimes sync it along with the other two devices – after dropbox is synced on the previous one of course.

One odd thing I notice is that sometimes after I sync all three, I can then go back to one device and it syncs a few more files.

In any case, what I don’t understand is how Scrivener could delete entire files. Or how it could detect a conflict with thin air and put the new file in a Conflict folder when there is no other file like it – I think these files are always empty, but not certain.

Are you sure they are empty? If the files are “folders” in Scrivener, Scrivener sometimes only show the files beneath the folder and not the text within the folder itself.

When I made the files, I never put any files into them or wrote text in them . I don’t know if that’s a clue or not.

So you made empty ‘files’?

That’s correct. The ones that vanished completely were empty.

I think you need to repeat the process and take screen shots to show exactly what you are doing. I tried to do the same thing, create empty files without even a named, on both iPad and Mac, but everything syncs just fine. So far I have never lost anything, and the same goes for the majority of users. So either your software is corrupt, or you are doing (or not doing) something that you didn’t remember to notice.

An exact step by step account might show us what’s happening.

I’ve seen other posts where the user had syncing issues and was leaving the projects open. Their syncing issues stopped occurring when the user changed their process to close the projects on one device before opening on another.

I know the manual says you don’t need to do that way, but it might save you future aggravation if you simply close the projects.