Syncing / PlainText / MMD

Am impressed with how Scrivener 2.0’s external folder syncing, Dropbox and the iPhone/iPad PlainText editor by Hog Bay Software all work together.

The only thing that niggles me is that text attributes such as bold and italics cannot be preserved in paragraphs changed externally. The PlainText application requires text files, and cannot use RTF.


If there was an option to convert Scrivener text to MMD when syncing to an external folder, and of course to convert back from MMD when incorporating externally-made changes, then we could maintain and edit our bold and italic attributes externally with ease and confidence.

Is there any enthusiasm for this feature?

That would be cool!

Sounds like the best of both worlds!

Since I already work exclusively in MMD, I’m somewhat immune to all of the ailments that come along with iPad writing. The main thing I can tell you about working with MMD on the iPad is that it isn’t terribly convenient from a keyboarding standpoint. The workflow is flawless of course. Just use plain-text export and round-trip away… but typing in the various things MMD uses are a bit klumsy with Apple’s keyboard. Asterisks are on the second auxiliary keyboard, for instance, so it takes a lot of tapping to italicise something, and Apple can be infuriating with their assumptions at times—whisking you out of the punctuation keyboard even if you don’t want to. What would be ideal is an application that had an extended keyboard with a few of these punctuation marks easily available. iA Writer has some nice writerly extensions to their keyboard—I’ve submitted a request for a “shift key” alternate to that keyboard that has common MD punctuation, we’ll see if they like the idea.

take a look at trunk notes you can create snippets, so that when you type linkxx the markdown code for external links would appear. their next update will support dropbox sync.

Hmm, very interesting. I’ll be curious to see how/if this works well with Scrivener’s folder sync. Thanks for the lead!

In PlainText I reduce some of the MMD-on-iPad pain with a dose of textexpander (e.g. “i/” to %|, “b/” to %|). The cursor repositioning between the marks works, much to my surprise!

Yeah, that’s the question. I suppose all files will be synced in one folder. That’s how the current wi-fi-sync set up works. Maybe Scrivener and TrunkNotes developpers should collaborate on this?

There are other developpers with Markdown apps like Secondgear