Syncing problem

For reasons I don’t know there’s been a syncing problem between my Mac and IOS. 10 days of entries in a daily journal have not been synced to my iPhone. Unfortunately, when I opened this journal on my Mac it asked me if I wanted to sync and I did. Now it’s erased the 10 days of entries on both devices. Are these entries lost in cyberspace?

Have you perhaps allowed Dropbox to make your files online-only, which is there default. It screws things up rotten with macOS 12 (aka Monterey) as Apple don’t like it. Scrivener expects the Mac based files to be offline i.e. kept on your machine’s hard drive.

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I’ve never seen the Mac (or Scrivener on the Mac) ask anyone if they wanted to sync. I wonder what actually happened?

Hi - I checked Dropbox but see if it makes files online only. I’ve had no issues before since starting the file 4 years ago.

but Dropbox has changed.

Hi - what happens if I’ve synced my iPhone before leaving home. When I write something in the file while i’m out it’s always automatically synced. I don’t get asked.
Back home when I open the file on my mac monterey it asks me if I want to sync it which i always do. Then when I opened the file it had synced what I’d written and had also deleted the previous ten days.

Check to confirm both iphone and desktop scrivener set to point to same dropbox folder. wild guess.

Yes, they are. Have been for 4 years.

After ten days you should have a backup somewhere that is more recent, I would hope? If not it might be a good idea to review your backup settings on the Mac, and this guide on how to do so from iOS.

That said, after making a zipped copy of this project in Finder, I would try using the Dropbox website to “Rewind” the .scriv folder to the point prior to syncing. It’s a special function available to folders, that will attempt to revert the entire folder tree and its files to a point in time. I have no idea how reliable it is, and whether it will make more of a mess or not—hence making a zip copy of the .scriv folder in Finder first.

Thank you so much for your advice. I’ll leave it a few days then do what you suggested. :pray:

Dropbox syncing used to always break for me, so I stopped using it over a year ago. I don’t know what y’all have done, but you seem to have fixed it.

By “break” I mean that I would get notifications that there were conflicts even when they were certainly not conflicts. (I tested it repeatedly with dummy files, and it happened with my own work.)

So, congratulations L & L! You fixed it, at least for me.

That’s not a break. It’s only a false alarm.

From a technical perspective, it may have been a false alarm. However, it rendered the feature useless for me because I lost trust in the feature; I wasn’t confident that my content was being properly synced. An error message is an error message. It made me uncomfortable using the software for this feature.

FYI I sync with Dropbox and it works fine all the time. And it is the recommended by L&L as the sync method to use. Ensure you have it set to use offline files.

I’m using the same syncing steps now (with no error messages) that I used to get with error messages. The only thing I have changed is updating iOS and the Scrivener app. So my point is that they seem to have fixed the error message issue.

It’s a caution, not an error (in my experience), and you should never trust a sync anyway. Always look for problems and know what to do when they happen. The conflicts folder is one place to find a remedy.

Fair enough—caution and not an error message. In any case, my point was that Literature & Latte seems to have fixed this false caution issue.

That or Dropbox or the OS is doing a better job, or you haven’t happened to run into the underlying situation recently.

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Thanks for letting us know things have been working better for you, @hatomie. I understand what you mean about “breaks”, no worries. :slight_smile: