Syncing Project from iOS to MacOS

I’m usually pretty good with technical issues and this one is just throwing me for a complete loop. I started a project in Scrivener for iOS on my iPad. I then downloaded the Scrivener MacOS version on my MacBook. Everything is synced with Dropbox. I set the backup folder as the same for both in my Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener folder. How do I import my project from my iOS to MacOS? I am receiving the "“Project not in a recommended save location” error, presumably because I am opening from my backup folder, But the project file doesn’t exist anywhere else, so I’m not sure how I would open it and import it into MacOS if it isn’t from the backup folder?

Did I make an error when I chose my backup for either iOS or MacOS? Are they supposed to be in separate locations? I am so confused and any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Never put your backups in the flder where you have your live projects.

You just open the project on the Mac. Like you’d do if you had created it on the Mac.
If your iPad is set up to store the project on Dropbox (in the projects screen, Edit, gear wheel icon at the botton, Dropbox settings) the iPad is uploading the project to the Dropbox server when you hit the sync icon. When you start the Mac, wait for it to download everything from the dropbox server, then just open the project, File->Open…

I’m sorry, I’m still very confused. What’s the difference between backup and storing my project? How do I put those in two different locations? I can’t open the project on my Mac because there’s nowhere to open it from except for the backup folder on Dropbox.

A backup is a copy of older versions the project for the future, if your project becomes corrupted or destroyed somehow.
You don¨t use the backups as long as the live project is okay. It’s like tje difference between the files you have on your hard drive and on Time Machine.
Remove your backups from the Dropbox folder where you have your project.

You set up the backup folder in Preferences. And put it somewhere else, not on Dropbox. If you have everything in Dropbox and something happens to your Dropbox account you lose both the live project and all your backups.

Update: Since I’m still in the beginning stages of my project, I made a new folder on Dropbox and created a new project on my MacBook by copying/pasting what I had. It is synching between my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. I’m not receiving any “Project not in a recommended save location” errors. I can now see the zip folders of backups, which I wasn’t seeing before in my Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener location. This may have been part of the issue.

I’m still confused about having it in multiple places (backup and live project). Can I choose where my backup is vs. where the live project is hosted? I believe that I just did this with the Dropbox/Scrivener (live project) and Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener locations.

Thank you again for your help!

**Just saw your reply regarding not using Dropbox for backups. Do you have any recommendations? Most of my devices have limited storage (MacBook has a mobile processor with limited storage space and is mostly cloud-based). I mostly work with Chromebooks at work (I’m a teacher and we are a Google school). I have a 1TB Dropbox account and was reading that it doesn’t play well with most external hard drives or Time Machine.

You can have everything wherever you like as long as you don’t have backups and live working projects in the same folder.
BUTyou have to tell the iPad where you have the live projects. The iPad doesn’t make any backups at all so you should never point it to the backups folder.
Decide where you have the working live projects and point the iPad to it in Edit->gear icon etc… and then don’t change things.
It sound as if you are telling the Mac to have the project in Dropbox/Scrivener and the iPad to look in Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener and if so they will never look at the same project.

Thank you!

Where should I direct the iPad files to?

The default location for the iPad is Dropbox/Apps/Scrivener.

There’s a complete setup guide for synchronization here: … g-with-ios


Thank you! I tried following it and for some reason got super confused. It’s working now so I’m not going to play with the settings.