Syncing Project Notes to Dropbox?

I’m trying to get over my writing slump by doing some of my work on my iPad, where it is easier to control my distraction-free mode. I have several notes for hook, key event, strong action, etc. But so far the only way I can see is to save these as PDF and then drop into Dropbox, which seems laborious. There seems to be no way to add it to Dropbox Sync collection, where I already have the manuscript files.

Someone told me to do this: “Open the file manager to ProjectName.scriv>Files>ProjectNotes, and sort the files my Modified so that the latest is at the top. Then modify the note you are interested in syncing to. That will give you the file name. Transfer that file to Dropbox and sync it.”

But that’s for Windows. It looks like I can right click, select “Show Package Contents” and navigate down to the directory where the project notes are, then copy that into Dropbox. Seems rather laborious. Is that the only alternative I have until the Scrivener for iPad is ready?

On Mac it’s a lot easier to add documents to your sync folder. Perhaps this thread may give you some ideas.

Hope this helps!

Well, I looked at the thread but i don’t quite understand it. What I’m talking about are the notes that are stored in Project Notes when you select Option-Command-P:

I see no way to add these to Collection (I have one set up for Dropbox sync) for syncing with external folder.

AFAIK they cannot be synced, I’m afraid. My suggestion was in order to get new data -in general- into your sync folder if it did not exist on your project beforehand.

But for the purpose you’re mentioning you might as well organize your project notes into regular text documents on the Research folder, and thus have them synced along the Draft. I know it’s not perfect, but would serve your purpose.

Yeah, that’s what I thought - in that case I might well just have to duplicate. Just to hold me over till the iPad version (and boy, will I be happy when that shows up in the App Store).