Syncing software with iPad apps

I am a heartbeat away from buying Scrivener. I’ve been using Liquid Story Binder for years though, and all of my work is in there. I recently got an iPad in place of a new laptop, and I’ve been slowly getting some of my work onto it. I saw that there should be updates forthcoming, but I really want to know if syncing with Index Card and Simple Note will be among them, as can be done with the Mac version. Is this on the itinerary?

A lot of us waiting for that feature to be added to the Windows version - Mac version has done it for a while.

As I understand it, anything that is available in Mac 2.0 will definitely will be available at some point in WinScriv. The timeline isn’t clear yet, however. There is also a ipad/iphone version in the works, but that’s probably farther off than some of these other details.

So the answer is a qualified yes. Yes, it is to be had. Just we don’t know when, yet.

Thank you for answering!

Me too - waiting for Windows-Ipad sync