Syncing split layout…

Here’s my problem. I have setup a split screen layout. Cork board view on the left, editing window in the middle and Inspector (synopsis view) on the right. When you click on a card on the cork board the inspector (synopsis) changes, but not the editor window. It remains on the current document, which can get a little confusing if when you are comparing the synopsis and the document. Now, I know that you can right-click on a card and the editor window will reflect the change, but that does not seem solve the overall problem. Is there a way to sync all three so that when you click on a card not only does the inspector change but the editor window also?
Does that make sense?

Try clicking the button at the bottom of the corkboard that has two opposing arrows. That is a per-split setting, so you can use it with Outliner as well.

Thank you very much! Knew there had to be a way! Problem solved :smiley:

Is there a way also to go directly to the top of the editor window. Now that its synced, when I click a card it sometimes goes to the middle of a page or second page for some reason?

Scrivener remembers whatever you were doing last, in each and every document. So if you’re working on a line and come back to the document a month later, even the words you had selected should still be. That’s also very useful when you reading a document and need to check on something else. When you use the history button to get back you’ll be scrolled to where you were.

Thus if you want to return to a document at its top in the future, just make sure to leave it that way before you go. Cmd-UpArrow is an easy way to push the cursor all the way to the top.

Thanks. I eventually worked out what was happening. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.