Syncing to dropbox

Hi everyone, I recently bought Scrivener for both my Windows 10 laptop and my iPhone 6s. I mainly write my novel on my laptop, but when I’m not home I want to continue with everything on my phone. However, I save my document to dropbox, and then try and sync it with my phone, nothing comes up. I can find stuff that I write with my phone, but not vise versa. Does anyone know a way for me to be able to see what I write on my laptop, on my phone?

You have to set Scriv on your iPhone to use the Dropbox folder where you saved things on your laptop. You do have the Dropbox app installed on your PC?

On the iPhone, tap:
Edit, gear wheel at the bottom, Dropbox settings, and then navigate to the correct folder.

And you need to allow your laptop to sync all the files to the Dropbox server before you try to open anything on your phone.

Thank you so much, I got it to work lol. I didn’t have the app for Dropbox on my laptop. I thought I did, but nope lol. Thank you :slight_smile: