Syncing to Plain Text Files

hi all,
does anyone know how to sync a plain text version that includes both footnotes and inline annotations?

right now, Ive noticed that inclines get synced (like this), but I can’t seem to get footnotes to auto-sync to .txt.

Thanks for any advice / help!


Are you using inline footnotes, or inspector footnotes? Inline footnotes should sync properly. Details are discussed on page 157 of the manual.


Hi Katherine,
I’m actually using Comments, not Footnotes, sorry! Is there a way to sync those to plain text back and forth?


Inline comments should synchronize just fine. Inspector comments will be converted to inline comments.

The plain text version should mark comments with parentheses, and footnotes with curly brackets. The relevant options are discussed in Chapter 13 and section B.10 of the Scrivener manual.