Syncing with Dropbox and iOS7

Edit: Found my answer, I believe, and its surprsing to me I overlooked it. You can have Scrivener export its files as Rich Text or Plain Text when syncing to an external folder and I had it set to rich text. Switching that should let Notebooks or anything else edit the files.

I’m wondering: what are people using when reading and editing .rtfs on the iPhone and then the iPad after you have synced Scrivener with an external Dropbox folder?

Reason I ask is quite some time ago I was using Notebooks on the iPhone and I could edit files and sync them back into my project. Since then, Scrivener has updated to 2.x and Notebooks has undergone work, as well as iOS7 has been released. I now cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit Scrivener files on the iPhone. Notebooks will read the files, but cannot edit them (?). I haven’t found anything else to do the trick for the iPhone, and I don’t have an iPad (yet).

So more to point:

What app(s) are you using, having success with, would recommend etc - and is it on an iPhone or iPad?

Thanks much! I would have thought this would have been a quick glance at the app store and on with my day, but I can’t seem to get anything to work. Par for the course I suppose. :wink:

EDIT: And NOW I see the sticky after searching multiple pages back. Sorry. Maybe app choices are in there somewhere, but please feel free to post a few suggestions here if you like, as my problems aren’t using Dropbox, per se, much as they are app issues regarding reading .rtf files - but that is specific to using Dropbox so I’ll browse that sticky also.

On i-Pad for rtf - Textilus
(for plain text - Editorial)

I can’t see any reason why Notebooks shouldn’t edit text files on the iPhone. Unless, you synced the files to the external folder in .rtf format, in which case Notebooks can read them but not edit them. If you want to keep the rtf format, I am not sure you have any option at the moment on the iPhone. On the iPad, Textilus is your only (or most widely used) option

If you go for plain text format when you sync with the external folder, which is what I use, your problem is the number of choices you have: way too many! Editorial is in my opinion the best text editor on the iPad. It doesn’t run on the iPhone though. However, there are many other text editors running on the iPhone. My favorite is currently Nebulous Note, mostly because of its smooth syncing. I used to use Notebooks a lot, I think it’s still good, but I think smoother syncing and ‘macros’ make Nebulous a better choice for me.

Byword looks very cool but syncing is a tad slow. Daedalus Touch is good too, and it allows you to interface with Ulysses on the Mac too (but since you have Scrivener, this option is kind of pointless)

1Writer is good too. It does have URL actions like Editorial but I think Editorial is just better. 1Writer runs on the iPhone too though (as Byword, Nebulous Note, Daedalus Touch, Notebooks). If it is important for you to use the same app on both devices (I don’t se why it should, but for some people is important), then you may want to check one of these apps out (you are actually already using Notebooks).