Syncing with External Folder: Stuck

Hi all,
I am a new Scrivener user who is writing with a friend using Scrivener’s sync to external folder feature with Dropbox. It was all going smoothly until yesterday when I had to revert to a backup, so I just made a new folder on Dropbox and synced to that folder. Since then, the Scrivener sync function has been getting stuck consistently on 23/122 and I have to force quit Scrivener .

Has anyone else had this problem? My file saves fine, but this syncing feature is quite important. Do I just have to make a new project and copy all of my stuff over, or is there an easier solution?



I had the same problem and sent in the error report. I traced it to a particular chapter in the story - the one it stopped on. You’ll need to study it a little to figure out where the problem is.

Anyway, I copied the text of the chapter to a plain text file, then deleted the chapter from the story, Turned off sync. Quit and restarted Scrivener, set up sync on a new folder and it worked. Then I recreated the chapter by using the plain text file, and it would still sync.

Hope this helps.