syncing with OmniOutliner for iPad

Now that the new OmniOutliner for iPad is out, it would be great if Scrivener projects can be synced with it.

Even when adding export to OPML, this would already help. I can get exporting/syncing to work with the Plain Text format, but OPML would be better.

OPML export may be possible in the future via MMD3, but there will certainly be no OPML or OmnIOutliner sync - it would be really, really dangerous to try to allow the binder structure to be synced with a third-party program that doesn’t have any knowledge about the various special folders and document types, and the rules involved in Scrivener’s binder.

Keith, I’m always looking for sync option (like mac to mac) but what if OPML sync worked like the files/folders sync? Except, instead of outputing the files and folders, it did the OPML file? Then on syncing back, it did the revision markup.

That’d actually be pretty nifty! Would that solve the binder dilemma?


No, because you’d still have to try to sync the OPML structure with the binder structure, which could be disastrous, sorry.

All the best,