Syncing with Simplenote?

Hi there, I’m not interested in multi-authoring (I’ve read all the posts about Dropbox etc.) but I would like to be able to use my iPad2 to work on Scriv docs and then resume working on them at home on my PC. I understand that this is possible with the Mac version by syncing with Simplenote. I wondered if / when this will be possible with the Windows version?

I would like to know as well!

Can anyone answer this? Would be v helpful. Cheers

Lots of the L&L people are out for the holidays.

Syncing with SimpleNote, isn’t available yet in the Windows version. It is planned, though I couldn’t quote you on when exactly it will show up.

bump, I bought this software last month and have struggled to find any reasonable tutorials on syncing scrivener for PC’s to any app on the ipad. I personally prefer index card on ipad, but would settle for simplenote, evernote or frankly just about anything!

Have any users (doesn’t have to be a mod or developer or whatever) figured out this puzzle and written or thrown together a rough video tutorial, anything? :slight_smile:

I don’t expect scrivener to support every app in the app store, but I would love it if they actually showed us how to use just 1! :mrgreen: