Syncing with Simplenotes breaks everything except letters

Hi there.

Here’s my Scrivener text:

Here is what gets synced to Simplenote:

This happens to every single document I want to sync since this morning. I know it is supposed to work and I used it all day yesterday. As of this morning, it behaves this strangely. Please tell me what I can do to debug this?

That looks like an encoding problem. You could try converting (in Scrivener) smart quotes to normal quotes and ellipses to three full stops.


Thank you for your answer.
That’s what I thought. I can’t find any encoding settings in Scrivener though. And it already worked fine for me before.

If I want to change the formatting of ellipses and smart quotes where can I find that? I guess it is only there for compiling but not for Simplenote Sync?!

As far as I know, there is no way of changing encoding in Scrivener. I believe it uses standard UTF8.

To convert smart quotes, etc., go to Format > Convert.

You can set the default in Preferences > Autocorrection. You might also need to change the settings in System Preferences > Language and Text > Text.

I don’t know what settings might be available in Simplenote – worth checking. I don’t use it for synchronisation.


Sadly, nothing changes after trying your recommendations.
But thank you anyway!

I’ve just realised that it’s the square brackets that are the main problem with your text. Try downloading a copy of TextWrangler (it’s free) and have a look at one of your text files using that. It will tell you what encoding is being used. If you’ve opened one of your files via Simplenote using another computer (particularly a PC) it might have re-saved it in another encoding.


I’m having this exact problem. When I paste my text into Textwrangler or Byword it looks clean (I’m writing in MMD), and then still syncs to Simplenote with everything broken except for the letters. I have not changed any of my settings and this was working fine just a few days ago. Help!

It seems that Simplenote has changed its encoding expectations at some point in the last week. I’ve emailed them to find out what is going on, to see if this is permanent, but in the meantime, please download the latest beta, which I’ve just uploaded here:

This should work around the issue for now.

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