Hi and help,

Please reply in very straightforward and non tech terms because I’m older than I want to be.

Here’s where I’m failing.

I have 5 Scrivener projects in Dropbox on my mac.

I want to sync them all with my Scrivener IOS.

I have had this syncing arrangement working okay for a couple of years or so but yesterday, when I clicked the sync button I got a message saying error occurred etc etc. None of which was understandable to me.

So, I deleted the projects in IOS and tried again.

I’ve searched and read L&L’s tutorials but they’re beyond my comprehension. I realise this is not a difficult issue for millions of people who interact successfully with Dropbox all the time but no such luck for me.

Any simple steps to solve this would gain my heartfelt thanks.


What is the error message?

I’ve lost it now after deleting the message. It said something about a code then a string of numbers.

A troubleshooting guide for iOS synchronization can be found here: … os-syncing