Syncro Questions between Ipad and Windows beta

Hello everyone. I think I have not seen this question anywhere else.

Is this not the board I kindly request that it’s moved to the proper board.

I have bought the iPados version of the app which I love. Also I’m using the beta version of Windows until the final version is released. I had to to wipe my Windows machine and reinstalling everything from zero.

My question is the following, All my proyects now reside at my Ipad and are backed up with icloud. If i install the Windows beta and sync with the same dropbox account will they also show up in my windows machine or do I have to follow the procedure as per the instructions: first have the texts in the windows machine, create the dropbox file, drop them there and then link the ipad?


Before doing below steps, sync iOS Scriv and then close iOS Scriv.

  1. Install Dropbox app on your Windows PC
  2. Important Wait for Dropbox to finish syncing
  3. Install Scriv beta (this can really be done any time, but don’t try to open any Dropbox projects until Dropbox done syncing)
  4. Launch Scriv Beta
  5. Click Open, browse to your Dropbox folder, open your project.

(Apologies if the above steps are obvious to you, but including just in case. And perhaps they’ll help someone else. :slight_smile: )

You should be good to go!


Thanks a lot. Will try later on and be back to confirm everything went as expected.

Sorry, It didn’t work…

When I installed the latest Windows 3 beta and sinc I noticed that apart from the apps and scrivers folders nothing showed up. at dropbox.

Final edit. Using the Ipados file tool, i access the ipad HD (so to speak) of the ipad. Went to the scrivener section and noticed that besides the proyects, there was a dropbox folder. I moved both into the folder and everything is working now as it should… Thanks for everything.