Syncronise 2 documents in different projects on Mac!

I use Scrivener 3.3.1 on a Mac Studio Max 1, MacOs Ventura 13.4. All is great :slight_smile: and I have lately been pondering this:
While “harvesting” various news streams from my subscriptions, sometimes I come across something very different but interesting anyway (like a nice recipy for cookies).
There is no problem to get that info into my Mac, but as the number of such items grow, I consider using “copy to project: Food”. This is also straightforward, but what I would like to have, after I made some changes in the original article, was to “sync” these changes to the ‘same’ document in “project: Food”. Thus avoiding dual editing.

I have looked into the manual, but really not found something I felt did apply to my wish!

Will appreciate any comments/ sugegstions


Try making it a bookmark.

That is an option, for sure… but to much fuss for these selected items. I have realised that I prefer to keep the original item in the big daily Project, even it also will end up as copy in the separate project!

Why? Well it is mostly a matter of my own ability to remember, or not :slight_smile: It is easier just to check the open project to see if this content (cookie) has been captured before, rather than go lookin in several places, possibly via bookmarks.

I made some trial runs on 6 documents which I had copied to project:Food.
First I looked more closely at those items in the original location and made adjustments, then I ran the copy to:Food again, and looked into the “Food”, now there were 12 items, the original and the edited versions. Visually comparing the pairs I could validate that no information was missing, and then safely discard the ‘originals’.

These steps I realized is better than the solution I thought I wanted… which were more like “Find & Replace” which leaves no trace of what was replaced.

So what do I edit?
Mostly checking the actual size of photos used by the ‘Cook’. it is not uncommon to find on the WEB that nontrimmed fullframe pictures are used (they look small on the screen) but likely fill 40-50 MB.
For my pupose I just need something simpler, for printing and placing in my kitchen binder, so I have a macro that will change these bloats into something much smaller, also filewise.