MacOS 10.14.2
Scrivener 3.1.2

Every time I open a web page I’ve imported inside a Scrivener file, it launches my web browser and goes to this link:

https:// syndication. twitter. com/i/jot

[Mod note: Link broken due to malware risk.]

I understand it’s related to malware, I have run a complete system scan using Avast and nothing has turned up. Using the latest versions of OS and Scrivener, and have seen it for the past two or three weeks,

Not sure if this is a Scrivener thing to solve, or if it’s something else. Thanks for any help you can offer,

It’s not from Scrivener. Probably a tracker on the imported page. – Katherine

Edit: Editing your post to break the link. Please don’t include live links to anything that even might be related to malware.

Noted. Thanks for the reply.