Synonym and/or antonym finder

Maybe I’m not seeing this in the functions or manual, but is there a function for finding synonyms and/or antonyms of a highlighted word? This is one of my favorite functions in Word to get that word “on the tip of your tongue” out instead of searching the internet. I see the “search Google” and “search Wikipedia” options, so my guess is that they are intended to work that way instead.

Still incredibly impressed with the software and looking forward to giving it a workout for NaNoWriMo!

No, there’s nothing like this–you’ll want to use something like the Google or Wikipedia search or an external Thesaurus program or the like. This sort of thing is rather complex coding in and of itself, and Scrivener for Windows just has one developer, so trying to add in something this huge is a bit outside the scope of Scrivener at least a present. Down the road Lee would like to include the ability for plugins and the like, so some kind of add-in with another program or service offering synonym/antonym finding might be possible then, but that’s just a future maybe. No promises yet on what will be possible, because without trying it out a bit we don’t really know.

There are some good free (and not free) thesaurus and dictionary programs available, though, so I bet you could find something like this to try out and then just flip back and forth between that and Scrivener when you’re in “hunt the perfect word” mode. :slight_smile: Some other users may have more concrete suggestions for you.

I picked up a pocket sized Merriam-Webster dictionary and thesaurus at the Staples back-to-school sale. They have lots of common words and work great. Not as handy as a built-in program, but it’s better than none!