Synopses turn invisible when opened on Mac Scrivener

Yesterday I opened a project created using MacScriv 2.1.x (latest non-Mac app store version) using 046 Beta for Windows. The project is stored on my DropBox folder and edited from there.

When I got home last night and opened the project on my Mac, several of the synopses as viewed in cork board mode were blank. Selecting them showed the original synopsis in the Inspector, and then selecting another card made the card on the cork board show that synopsis as well. Using the mac’s option-cmd-S (Save and rebuild index) menu command, everything was restored.

I’ve seen this bug for a while now, but as I’m about to start another major project, but I don’t know if I’ve reported it before. I hope you can squash this bug; it gave me a tiny bit of a panic (no too much; I always back up my projects after making changes).

Let me know if you need any more info.