Synopsis and Binder

Hi, I’m going quite nuts…for some reason, my may folders (Chapter headings) and blocks of text beneath (parts of chapters) appear ok in Binder and in the Corkboard BUT it is all scrambling in the Synopsis section which seems to pick up text in the chapter parts and make it appear where one would expect the text for the chapter heading and vice versa.

Eg. Chapter heading 1964…may or may not have text. Named parts beneath have got text. When I click on 1964 in the binder, I get text from the named parts but not the text for 1964 itself.

I’ve just lost text from an early chapter heading by clicking the ‘auto-generate synposis from text’ button. Other earlier chapters do not allow this option to change.

Please help.

I’m sorry, I’m not sure I understand what you’re seeing. Would it be possible to attach a screenshot?

In particular, when you “click on 1964 in the Binder,” that would normally put you in Scrivenings mode. Scrivenings mode should show all of the document text, but won’t show any of the synopses. The Corkboard, in contrast, shows all of the synopses, but none of the document text. But I think you may be using slightly different technology, so I’m not sure exactly what you’re describing.


Now I’m truly embarrassed - I posted a great big post on this topic - with pictures - only to find I was clicking on wrong things so my question is a nonsense. My apologies.

However, I am still puzzled by one other thing…when I click on outline, the text (not the headings) is in yellow and I cannot find where to change it. I’ve been thru preferences a number of times w/o success and cannot change it in fonts either.

My guess is that I don’t recognise the name of what I need to change in preferences…

Oh good, I’m glad you got that sorted! I saw your post but hadn’t had a chance yet to reply. At least for this one I can be helpful–sounds like you want to go to the Appearance tab in Scrivener > Preferences, then in the Customizable Colors section at the bottom choose Editor on the left and then Outliner Synopses.