Synopsis and Document Notes don't change in full screen mode

Hi there, I’ve been using the Scrivener for Windows trial ( and I’ve enjoyed using it so much that I plan to buy a license for writing my thesis. However, I have encountered a problem while writing in full screen mode. When I move from one scrivening to another, the “Synopsis” and “Document Notes” fields in the Inspector window do not change. These are important features for me since I like the reduced distraction of full-screen mode and being able to see my notes as I move around the document.



Thanks for the report! It looks like the inspector is just not picking up the change in focus in a Scrivenings session at all (not just for doc notes and synopsis). I’ve filed a bug report.

Have you tried working in individual documents in Full Screen? You can still use the Alt+Shift+Up and Alt+Shift+Down keyboard shortcuts to the previous and next documents in the binder even when in FS, and the inspector will then update properly. You can also use the Go To menu button in the control bar at the bottom of the screen to select a specific document.

Thank you for the workaround, I’ll work in individual documents until the bug is fixed.