Synopsis and Meta data at same time

Is there a way to “separate” the inspector tabs to see two at once? For example, I’d like to see the synopsis and the metadata at the same time, without having to click back and forth?

Thank you,
Dee Todd

Yea! I figured it out. In case anyone else is interested:

From the top menu, select Windows/Layouts/Three Pane - outline
Drag from binder the draft folder
Turn on inspector
then I closed the original 2nd outliner (but not required).

This way I have the binder, the document, the outliner (with synopsis on), and then the inspector – NICE!

I just found myself in a situation with the same issue. Your solution works but is there a reason you can’t just have them both in the Inspector at the same time? Or can you and I’m just missing it?

You can’t open two Inspectors (or two Binders) because, um, you can’t. There have to be limits!

There’s way too much metadata to see all of it at once, even if you could:

Document Metadata

You can effectively have multiple inspector panes open at once, by loading items as Quick Reference panels, and then in those, setting the view mode to show the secondary inspector data you wish to view. That of course also makes it possible to inspect multiple items at once, by nature of how it works.

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