Synopsis and printed output

This is a question about customizing the printed output of Scrivener.

Each text block has a synopsis associated with it, and that synopsis has a title. I would like the synopsis title to be printed along with each text block. Is there a way to do that?

The reason I want to do this is that I am writing a scripts for video courses and want the synopsis titles to be entries in the table of contents for the video. As it turns out each entry in the TOC is produced as a separate video clip and having the synopsis titles embedded in the script makes it much easier for me to manage the process of making those clips.

BTW, the scripts I am writing are much, much more simple than you are probably thinking of, they are not at all like the standard sort of thing that might be used for a play or movie.


In the File->Compile->Formatting pane, select the “Title” checkbox next to the appropriate documents (all of them?).

Thanks, just what I wanted!