Synopsis and screenplays

I have a screenplay in which the various scenes (or sequences) are notes within a single folder. Each note has text in the synopsis. I would like to print out those synopses (since that would be a concise outline-description of the screenplay) but for the life of me I can’t get compile to print it or display it. I check off “synopsis” in the formatting part of Compile and either see nothing or the entire screenplay. (Depending upon which note level I have chosen.)
I am using the very convenient and useful Collections feature (meaning, instead of “Draft” I use that pull-down to identify the collection containing my latest revision). Could this be a factor?
Any advice appreciated? All I could find was discussion of “print the corkboard” and the suggestions there were educational but did solve my problem

I’ve reviewed the documentation for the screenplay formating aspect of Scrivener and can’t find anything that says that compiling the synopsis only is “turned off.” Did some experimenting. Below are my compile settings. As you can see, I have “Synopsis” checked and, if you scroll right, you will see there is text in the synopsis card:

When I compile “preview” (or compile to PDF), I get what you see below – the contents of the notes but not the synopsis.

So, should I assume that compiling only the synopsis is not possible when using screenplay formatting? (which would be a real drag). Or is this a bug?