Synopsis appears wrongly if there are >12 folders

I discovered this incidentally, and tried to replicate the error before posting on here.

Let’s draw up a scenario so it’s easier to understand me.

In the binder, I have a main folder and in it, there are 14 sub-folders.

MAIN folder

sub-folder 1
sub-folder 2
… … …
sub-folder 12
… etc.

When I want to edit the Synopsis of the MAIN folder, the name on the Synopsis column (Inspector is ON), is the name of the 12th sub-folder within the MAIN folder.
And if I type anything into the Synopsis, it will change the 12th sub-folder’s Synopsis, and not that of the MAIN folder (which is the one I want to edit).

I know it’s the 12th folder because when I drag the orders of the folders and return to edit the Synopsis of the MAIN folder, the 12th folder name always appears.

I can’t reproduce this or think of any reason this would ever happen. Can you please give more details?

Are you attempting to edit the synopsis of the container by clicking on it in the binder, and if so, does it come up as a corkboard? If so, you probably just had card 12 selected at some point, so whenever you click on the main folder and view its corkboard, that selection is saved for your convenience—and the inspector will display the selected card’s stats, not the containers stats if there is a selection.

To check for this, click anywhere in the background area of the corkboard. The Inspector should immediately flip to showing the container’s stats.

User issue. Thank you Keith and Amber. Sorry about the wild goose chase.

Amber was right. I needed to click on the background of the corkboard to bring the synopsis back.

Thank you Amber, you read my mind (or could look at my desktop!).

Or, at this point in my life, I have a massive Scrivener flowchart stored entirely in my brain. It means that when I step outside, I try pressing Cmd-3 to get an outliner to figure out the porch steps.

I used to talk about “deleting” things when I meant “throw it in the trash”…people gave me weird looks. :neutral_face:

If every problem with Scrivener was a user issue, I’d be a happy man. :slight_smile: But sadly, it ain’t so… Back to the bug fixes!
Glad you got it sorted.
All the best,