synopsis bug

I think I found a real bug here.

  1. I opened a document in the editor.
  2. I selected my synopsis text (from the inspector)
  3. I dragged the synopsis text into the editor
  4. I decided otherwise and clicked edit/undo
  5. the synopsis text remained inside the editor, AND
  6. the synopsis filled with the synopsis text of a document previously visited
  7. I repeated step 4 and had the same result, only that the new synopsis text was from earlier in the history

I can reproduce this.

Yes, it looks like the undo stack for the Synopsis field is linked between items. You don’t even have to go through the ritual at the beginning to get this. Just set up three test documents in the binder and add a sample text line to each card one after the other. Then in the last one, hit Ctrl-Z a few times and it will revert all the way back through the prior card entries.

On the matter of whether undo should impact the main editor though, it should not. Each portion of the interface has its own undo stack. This way a minor mistake in the index card for 45 minutes ago is not unreachable thanks to all of the edits in the main editor; vice versa; etc.

I understand. So if I want to undo something in the editor I need to click into it before. Same thing with the synopsis. Seems I have been inside the synopsis stack when hitting undo, so that the issue you described occured and nothing happened to the editor. And that happens because if I drag something from synopsis to editor in fact the edit is on the editor stack (something pasted into it) not on the synopsis stack (only something copied, which is not really an edit).

Another question then.

  1. I type something into the editor
  2. I drag it onto the synopsis card
  3. I delete the text in the editor
  4. the text from the synopsis card vanishes, too.

I can work around this by selecting another document in between steps 2. and 3.

I made some further investigations. Even if in step 3. I simply change the text in the editor, the synopsis text vanishes. To make the text stick to the synopsis card you need to click into the synopsis field once. After that, deleting from or changing in the editor seems to be save…

Ah and not to forget: the same thing happens if you drag text from the document notes into the synopsis! It does only for the synopsis connected to the editor, if dragging from the other editor, the text dragged onto the synopsis card is safe.

These are my observations for now.

these are good and careful observations, wika, and I think you have some important bugs to be put on the fix list, in this and several other postings.

I am not sure why support is not replying to a number of your good observations. I hope someone is noting them, because they are important for a quality level which gives writer confidence as well as good reviews to Scrivener.

A very useful software which we all appreciate, but I think we need as you do to remind of discoveries so that it will be in sensible priority made smooth.

Regards and season’s wishes,

Oh, thanks Clive. I’ve already jotted these down and they’ve been filed as bugs. The observations in this thread were all included. Sorry, sometimes things get so busy that I fail to “ten-four” stuff. :wink:

thank you, Clive. I appreciate your backup on this matter :slight_smile: .

I have to admit that I was a little bit discouraged to post other observations by not receiving any response to my latest postings, but I told myself MAYBE even the scrivener support team celebrates Christmas and needs to get some preparations done :wink: .
Actually scribbling down my “little problems” with scrivener is hard work, because it’s always a challange to describe an odd behaviour of a software in a foreign language AND lacking the vocabulary a software developer would easily understand. But I regard it as an oppurtunity to practice my skills and expect my observations to end up on the fix list whether I receive a response or not.

Amber - this posting is not supposed to make you feel bad or cause you to justify! I want some things to be understood: I love scrivener (I really do!). I do my best to improve it. And I trust the team :smiley: . Well, what else could I do :laughing: ? We all are grown up and I can deal with non-reactions due to whatever - illness, christmas, personal matters… That’s absolutely okay. Only - you have to cope with me pushing topics to the top of the board again and again until I receive a satisfying response. I can be REALLY annoying :mrgreen: :wink: .

What about the following suggestion: Why not keeping record of all bugs to be fixed in this board? If you do list the bugs anyway, why not at the top of the Bug hunt (Windows) board? That’s the place one would look, if suspecting to have discovered a bug. It would provide several advantages.

  • Scrivener users would not have to do tedious searches in the forum whether the bug they discovered has already been reported.
  • This would decrease the number of topics on the same issue from different persons
  • which would give you more time and less stress to investigate “new” bug topics.
  • users could be sure their observations ended up on the list even if they didn’t receive a response (at this point “oneway alerts” to the support could take place)
  • users could keep track on whether a bug is going to be fixed for the next update, if you simply change fixed bugs into strikethrough typing on the list (damn language! Sometimes it makes me crazy, but I think you know, what I mean :wink: )
  • all support members would simply put new bugs on the list and Lee would cross them out once attended to.

I’m pretty sure you’re already using some kind of a similar system, but it would make things more transparent if it was accessable to scrivener users.

Merry Christmas! (celebrated on 24th in my country :wink: )

btw - what’s “ten-four”?

Hi wika, and greetings of the season, where you are – you should tell us :wink:

I’m glad this is all accounted for now, with AmberV letting know your items are on the lists.

Ten-four – that is ‘radio talk’ for acknowledging a message, letting know it’s been received. Once upon a time in US television shows you heard it a lot, more for style.

In fact though, there were (are?) a whole set of ten-codes, so that police could say what they wanted without bystanders knowing what they meant. As you’ll see, there are other codes, typically law numbers for offenses in a state.

Here’s some history (for your next retro-crime novella),

and here’s a list of some ten-codes

Again, a nice holiday season to you. Here it’s Christmas Eve, and we celebrate then for family as my Norwegian family did, and as I did many years living in Europe. A nice time, and I hope you enjoy one also, wika.