Synopsis Compile options

Hi all, AFAIK, Synopsis is not an RTF field, just plain text. Is this correct?

Is there any way to define at Compile time that Synopsis get their own font for printing?

(I think this can be done with Notes and with Footnotes, am I right?).

Many thanks in advance,

Yes, synopsis is plain-text, but you can format it as a whole in compile. Click the blue arrow button if necessary to expand the compile dialog, then select the Formatting tab. To compile synopses, you’ll need to check the box in the “Synopsis” column for the appropriate document types and levels. Then for each of those, select the row in the elements tabla and click the “Modify” button below. Click into the sample synopsis text to select it, then apply your formatting. The “A” button on the left of the format bar will open the Fonts dialog.

If you see the element labels in the preview (“Synopsis”, “Notes”, etc.) and don’t want them, click the Options button above the elements table and deselect the “Insert subtitles between text elements”.

Thank you, MimeticMouton, for your prompt response. I’ll proceed that way.
Best regards,