Synopsis Corkboard Cards

When I first downloaded Scrivener and imported my Word documents, the Synopsis on the Corkboard contained the first part of the article. However, all new ones don’t get that automatic synopsis; I have to type it in manually. When I hold my mouse over the card, that first part shows up in a bubble, which is nice, but I wish that it would automatically show that first part unless I manually typed up the synopsis. Is that a feature I’m missing somewhere?

The tooltip will only show what’s in the synopsis field, but you don’t need to type it all in manually :slight_smile:

Open the Inspector panel, and at the top-right of the synopsis field is an icon showing a text clipping “moving into” a box, via an arrow. Click this icon and the field will autofill with the first part of the selected document.

Have you been through the tutorial? Pretty sure this is explained in it, and there’s plenty more besides. It’s well worth making time for.

Antony’s already kindly given you the answer of how to do what you want; I just wanted to add that the reason it doesn’t auto-fill is that generally the idea is that you would want to add something more meaningful than just the first few lines of text. Also, the next update allows you to select several documents and auto-fill the synopsis for all of them at once.
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Oi, you’re supposed to be on holiday! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you guys.

Yes, I did the tutorial when I first downloaded the demo version but I didn’t use it in-between the expiration of the demo and my purchase, so I forgot some things. It’d probably be worth it to go through it again.

Antony, I think you need to reread his post. I think that it is a “complete this blasted update and get these monkeys OFF MY BACK!!” holiday.

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@Myles - it’s definitely worth it, yes. The more you use Scriv, the more you’ll develop your own way of working, but while you’re still in the ‘getting to know’ stage, it’s worth trawling through the tutorial and help files whenever you want to find out more. Scriv requires a bit of a conceptual shift in how you use a writing app, but it soon becomes second nature.

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Works every time. :slight_smile:

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