synopsis doesn't show up on index cards

The cards are on the cork board, but only the heading is there, no synopsis. I’ve been able to get it to show up on individual cards, but I’m frankly not sure what I did to make that happen. How do I get it to show up on all the cards? thanks.

Me again. I discovered I can make the synopsis appear by clicking on Auto Generate Synopsis. Is there a way to set the program to do that automatically instead of after the fact?

No - index cards are intended for synopses of the document. “Auto-Generate” is handy if you just want the first lines of your text in the cards, but that is generally never going to be quite as useful as entering your own synopses. Synopses and the main text are different things, so there’s no way of having index cards auto-update with your main text, which could be destructive.

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