Synopsis Font Size


Is it possible to be able to change the font/font size for the synopsis window?

I prefer to type there than in the index cards and on a large screen it’s very small up there in the corner. If I could up the font size it would make editing much easier on the eye.

The fonts are configurable for so many of the windows, I’m really hoping it will be an easy(ish) change to add one more! :astonished:)


p.s. loving Scrivener and recommending it to all my writer friends!

Hi Gilly,

You can change the font face and size for the index cards in Scrivener>Preferences:Corkboard. “Index cards text font” will adjust the font anywhere you view the index card, including the inspector. :slight_smile:


Thanks for that … you may have answered my question in that what I really want cannot be done. That is … I want the font size on the index cards to stay the same. BUT! I want the font size in the synopsis to be larger, different from that on the index cards?

Do I want the impossible?

Many thanks!



At the moment that’s not possible, sorry - there is one font that rules all index cards, whether in the inspector or the corkboard. And seeing as I already get berated for offering too many preferences, I wouldn’t really want to split these into two separate options right now. :slight_smile:

Thanks and all the best,

Keith, berated for his preferences … I don’t believe it!

I think they’re awesome!! I love how configurable it is. Tell those beraters to go to xxxx!

And if you ever feel like adding more preferences, this is one user that won’t be complaining!!

Thanks Keith … lightening responses as always!


Ahahahaha. But you can do this. Make the regular font for the index cards large, as you want it in the inspector. Then make the “small font” for the index cards whatever you’d like to have it on the corkboard, and then in the editor (you’ll need to do this in each of the splits) when in corkboard mode, click the icon in the right of the footer and check the box to “use small font.” Voila!

…By all this, I’ve been assuming that when you refer to the “synopsis window” you mean in the inspector. If you were talking about something else entirely, I apologize.

:smiley: You’re a bloomin’ marvel!! That totally works!!

Good thinking!! Thanks so much! One happy writer (with poor eyesight) now typing in the synopsis window with a very large font and index cards that don’t span for miles!!

A very grateful …

Huzzah, glad it did what you want. Here’s to the flexibility of Scrivener’s boatload of preferences. :wink:

You’re not wrong! Pah to anyone who doesn’t like boatloads of preferences!

Thanks for taking the time to find a solution for me … :smiley:


Careful. We don’t want any swollen heads around here. The results can be … stumpy. See →

LOL … I’ll try to rein in my enthusiasm before heads explode!! But … it’s been a VERY long time since I’ve found a product that not only works beautifully, but is backed up by incredible support … oh, hang on, I’m off again!!

When you’ve been suffering MS Word for as long as I have it’s difficult not to brim over.

p.s. love the footer! Hits a note for us girl geeks that have landed a good man and wonder how on earth it happened!!

Apologies for resurrecting this thread but it very nearly addresses something I’d like too.

Is there a way to achieve a bigger font for the synopses in Outline view too? I can’t find a ‘use small font’ option in outline view.


You can set the font size for the outliner in the Appearance tab of preferences. That will affect both the synopsis and title; in the 2.1 update, you’ll have the option of setting each of those individually.

Cheers, that’ll do nicely!

I’ve just changed the synopsis font size in Preferences - Appearance, however there’s been no change to the actual font size on my screen. I have the latest updated version of Scrivener. I also tried restarting Scrivener but that did not help.
Have I missed a step?

Okay I have just found the answer. It’s under Appearances - Corkboard - Index cards text.
Works well.