Synopsis height in inspector

It would be very helpful if the synopsis pane in the inspector was resizable. I would like to see the entire content of the synopsis while working on a document, as I use the synopsis as an outline. I understand that I could use the resizable floating “QuickRef” window, but that’s an extra step for me, and it would have to be opened for each document I navigate to (and the old QuickRef closed). A “sticky” adjustable height for the inspector synopsis would be extremely useful.

Resizing elements in the inspector would be very tricky (technically), and the size of the synopsis is intended to maintain 3x5 dimensions of an index card, so this won’t change, sorry.
Thanks for the suggestion though.
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You might try using the document notes for your outline, since that gives you more room and is rich text so you have more formatting options than in the index card.

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I use document notes extensively as well, so that’s not an option. Too bad. Seems intuitive to be able to resize those elements to me.

Might not fit with your work style, but another option then might be to write in full screen. You can choose to show the floating inspector panel and view the synopsis there, and that would be resizeable. You can use the keyboard shortcuts to quickly switch between viewing the synopsis (ctrl-opt-cmd-I) and notes (ctrl-opt-cmd-H) if you need to see both during the same stage of writing.

It’s been the same way for five years now and I have had a total of about three requests to change it, so I guess not everyone feels the same. :slight_smile: Having all those elements resizable would really be quite ugly in implementation because of the way Cocoa split views work. Anyway, as I say, it won’t be changing.

Sounds interesting. I’ll give it a go; I work in full screen as well, so maybe this will work out. Thanks for the non-gruff suggestion, much appreciated.

Edit to add: this is actually a great suggestion, many thanks again for pointing it out. It’s doubly good because only the current text and the synopsis/doc notes are visible.

Hum, I’ve just realized that collections are resizable in the Binder/Collections panel. The resized portion–the area just above the “Search Results” tab–appears to be permanently empty, making its resizability appear to be redundant.

It seems to me that the synopsis in the inspector could therefore be resizable without being “ugly in implementation”. Further, since the floating inspector allows a resizable synopsis, I don’t think maintaining its size in the non-floating inspector to reflect a 3x5 card is a legitimate reason for the constraint. As well, index cards themselves are resizable away from 3x5.

Lastly, about only three users making this request, I’ve read elsewhere that the management doesn’t implement wish list items by poll, and this seems to be the same situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, it’s not changing.

The other examples you give consist of only a single split with two panes; the inspector has three elements when the index card is visible (actually more if you include the headers) and Scrivener has to ensure that no controls disappear out of view and get squished - thus, it would not work so well.