Synopsis help

I am writing a longer piece that is made up of multiple smaller elements.

The first output I require is all of the synopsis text in sequence with titles, and their corresponding ‘title’ images inline, preferably below the title. Is it possible to compile it this way? Thanks in advance

First of all, try setting your compiler format to “Synopsis Outline” and give that a spin (you can compile to Print and then use the “PDF” button in the print panel to open in Preview). That will probably do the main part of what you are looking for. As for images, I would need to know a little more about the context in order to give you a good answer. Do you have an example you could point to, or a screenshot of what you’re aiming for?

I have been able to output the synopsis with title and text in sequence with no issues. What I can’t seem to do is get the associate thumbnail image to be part of that too.

So, it would ideally be:

[image from the synopsis photograph panel]
Synopsis text

one after another


Oh! The synopsis image, that is actually something that is inaccessible to the compiler, so I wouldn’t recommend using it for this purpose. Is this is just something for quick review, for your own purposes, or will these images be used later on to form a part of the work’s published output? I ask because we do have mechanisms for inserting images into titles, but it requires quite a bit of wiring to get it set up. It’s worth it for some cases (like a unique image on every chapter title page, but if you just want to print out the pictures you’ve assigned to sections, it’s a bit overkill. If you’re interested, you’ll find some instructions here.

Thanks for that - it’s not for the final output, but rather, a way to send a draft to our editor of something that will eventually be part text, part image. All we would need is a thumbnail representation, in lieu of a text description of same.

I’ll have a look at the instructions.

Eventually, I’ll want the body of the draft to feature a similar thing - images (low-res fine) and text inline - and be compiled as such. Is that possible?

Note: This won’t make up the final output - but is more like a film storyboard that is part text, part image.


In the draft you needn’t do anything special, since that is a rich text field and is capable of embedding images directly. We only need to use special tricks when inserting graphics using the compiler, since that is a plain-text process—and if you want individual graphics per section, then you must employ a method of defining which image to use, via a general-purpose piece of meta-data. Without going into the details, you would type the name of the graphic you wish to use for that section into the Inspector sidebar, and that name would be used to locate and insert the image during compilation, using a plain-text image placeholder code.

For a storyboard, you might consider printing the Corkboard directly. The only drawback to this method is that whether image or text synopsis is displayed is binary.

I can’t think of a good way to print out both of these fields, they were never designed with that usage in mind (we probably would have designed it to display both at once, were it possible).

I think something like the above my suit you though. It’s a bit of a setup, but once you have set it up it’s pretty easy to use. You drop your image into the Binder, anywhere is fine, make sure it has a unique name, and then specify that name in the Inspector.

You’ve kind of stumbled on something we don’t really have a good ready-made system for, it seems. If I think of something easier I’ll let you know.

Thanks for all this - much appreciated.