Synopsis image files

I can drag and drop images directly from a web page into the main body of text. So why doesn’t it work that way for the synopsis image field?

I can’t even drag an image from the main text pane to the Synopsis image field.

Does “Drag in an image file” mean that I have to use the finder always?

You have to use the Finder or you can drag from the binder, yes. Dragging web files involves downloading them (which is non-trivial), and Scrivener doesn’t handle that side of things for images in synopses).

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Well, thanks for the quick reply…

I might clarify that it’s a no-go for images that are downloaded parts of texts as well.

Right now, in order to take any image that is already imbedded in a text and then use it as that text’s synopsis picture, I have to

  1. Grab that picture
  2. move it into the binder creating a new entry for it
  3. re-select the text item i was editing
  4. drag and drop the newly-created picture entry into the synopsis field.
  5. erase the workaround image file so it’s not confusable with the one i was working on

This is a do-able thing, but it still seems like an extra step.

I can’t seem to drag and drop an image from finder into the Character sketch right hand box that says “Drag an Image File.” Is there a trick to it?

I think that’s what the complaint is about, that you can’t drag to the synopsis area from a file or web page outside of scrivener.

If you might possibly re-use a picture, you probably want to keep it in the Research folder, or elsewhere in your project. Create an internal reference to it wherever you use it so that it’s easy to locate for future use.

Actually, you should be able to drag image files in from the Finder - what sort of image file is it?

It’s just a jpg file.

I think the file was too big! I tried another one and it worked. :slight_smile: