Synopsis into Doc?

Do we have a keystroke combo for inserting the contents of the synopsis into the corresponding document? Thx, kraml.

As in the reverse of auto inserting the first few words from the doc to generate a synopsis?

Yes! I want precisely the reverse of inserting the contents of document into synopsis.

Why? I want to use outliner to create a series of propositions for development into paragraphs. I may generate twenty or thirty propositions in rapid succession. They will almost certainly come out in a random order. After a few sessions I may have some hundred or so. In the outliner I can then organize them topically.

The outliner is perfect for composing and showing a series of complete sentences line by line. (I have a wide screen in landscape mode, to boot.) I discovered that I could easily write single sentences in rapid succession using a new synopsis field for each. Further, the outliner is the most compressed format available, so I can see the greatest number of lines on a single screen. I naturally thought, “Wouldn’t it be nice if I could insert the contents of the synopsis into the document?” Then, having arranged the propositions, I could revert to document mode and go to work.

The title field could also work, but I want to save that for, um, a title. Further I know of no way to insert the contents of the title field into the document either, though F2 does the reverse.

Does this make sense?


Yes, we’ll be adding a feature that does just that.

I write with the outliner somewhat this way myself, and when it comes time I simply highlight the text in the synopsis, copy it, position the cursor where I want it in the document, and hit Paste and Match Style. Sure, in these days of automagical everything it’s a bit neolithic, but it works.

Seeing that we’ll have to wait a bit for the new goodie, I envision arranging the propositions and perhaps assigning titles, dragging the entire array into a new project, opening each project in a separate screen, and finally dragging each synopsis from the original project into the corresponding doc in the new. I have found that this method is pretty fast. I can see what I am doing, and I do not have to perform any backgrounding/foregrounding operations with the project windows. Thanks for the responses. kraml

Call me silly. I just realized that an easier way (currently) to transfer synopsis to document is via the Inspector pane. I have that pane set to view Footnotes & Comments 99.99% of the time, so I forgot that from the plain old Notes view I could select and drag the synopsis into the document. I’m quite certain that this is what Ahab was attempting to tell me above. At least you tried. Duh. kraml

For individual instances, good old drag and drop or copy and paste will probably even be superior to a dedicated feature. The feature will be handy when you’ve written several dozen outline points into the outliner and are ready to start expanding those starting points to draft. Then you can select all items, run the menu command… and that’s about it. :slight_smile: