Synopsis notes Small/can't read Document Notes

Is there a way to increase the size of the text for Synopsis notes?

My Document notes are “greyed out” and too small to read. Any help here?

Love the product and concept. Organized and produced a 28 page document in one afternoon – long afternoon. Thanks so much! This has so much potential, but you already knew that :slight_smile:


There is a way to increase the text on the synopsis cards. Go to Edit, and then click on options. Then click on corkboard. Down where it says Fonts, you can select the font type and size for both the title of the card, and the text of the card. I didn’t know that, either until last night. :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what you mean by the document notes being “greyed” out. But I haven’t been able to find a way to increase the text size. There is a workaround that someone else posted. If you copy and paste your document notes text into the editor, you can set the font and size there, and then copy and paste it back into your document notes. That worked for me.

I hope that helped. Maybe someone else can help with the greyed out problem.

Beautiful! Thanks so much for the assist! :smiley: