Synopsis notes

I really like the synopsis feature on Scrivener. However I find the limited space allowed to enter text a little frustrating. I would like to see all the text rather than use a slide bar. Is there a way of allowing these boxes to expand?

We tried dynamically expanding index cards a long time ago in a test build. Unfortunately it’s one of those things that sounds good on paper, but once you start trying to put it together into the actual framework of the software, there are too many problems with it. Very long synopsis entries end up dominating the corkboard, and it just reduces the overall clarity of form and function. It’s a bit like trying to tile a floor with a box of tiles that do not match. :slight_smile:

What I would recommend to you is to take a look at the Outliner feature, which has an integrated title+synopsis column. Here the full synopses can be seen and edited. You can turn off all of the other columns for a cleaner view, and even switch off the icons.