Synopsis pics on Mac+DropBox gone when opened in WinScriv

I recently started a new project and was creating some character sheets. I downloaded some actor photos and dragged them into the synopsis area for each caracter on my Mac.

Today I opened the project on my windows machine at work (which had been running all night with dropbox active), and none of the synopses contained the pictures, even though the source pictures were stored in the binder as sub-documents of my character sheets.

I closed that session, let DB sync, and then opened the project on my Mac again after it finished syncing. The pictures were still in place.

For some reason the Windows version is storing synopsis graphics in a different folder, and with a different naming convention, than the project specification calls for. So while the item itself declares that it is in photo mode, it can’t find the photo (since it is looking in the wrong place), and so it shows up blank. Likewise, photos added on Windows won’t show up on the Mac for the same reason in inverse. I’ll make sure that gets noted.

Fixed for next release. Thanks!