Synopsis Preference?????

Do I have to hit auto generate synopsis in the menu bar for each and every document I create?
Isn’t there a preference that will make that a default?

This command can take multiple documents in your selection, so feel free to wait until you’re ready to use the corkboard before selecting everything and generating synopses for them. There isn’t a preference for this, but in the future there will be a much better approach to how this all works.

Thanks! And are we any closer to the getting ability to do editing on an iPad?

We’re always getting closer. :slight_smile: You can already edit components of your project remotely though, that has been around since 2.0 was released. Check out chapter 13 in the user manual for a few approaches.

The auto-generate action is available in the synopsis in Scriv/Win 1.9: Does this thread mean it will go away come v3, accessible from Menu/Documents (or by “a much better approach”)?

(I’m not complaining, having just discovered it, I’ve not used it enough to have a preference.)

There should be no substantial differences between the platforms once we reach that milestone. As a matter of fact there will be an analogous command (things have gone through minor revision since I posted this), but as I say, it by and large will never be necessary to use it in order to achieve the effect it presently provides.