Synopsis Question

Binder folder can contain text. However, it doesn’t appear that they can have a synopsis. On my system I can only see a place to write synopsis for document under the chapter folder. Am I missing some setup, or is this they way Scrivener was designed to work?

Every element in the Binder (with 3 exceptions*) can have a synopsis – folders and documents are basically the same (although there are a few differences in the way they behave at Compile time, or in which view they default to).

So, a folder and a document can both have a synopsis, text, keywords, statuses, labels, footnotes/comments etc etc. So, to see the synopsis for any element, select it in the binder and click View > Inspect > Synopsis (cmd-opt-ctl-I)

  • The 3 exceptions are the Draft/Manuscript folder and the Research and Trash folders. These have special functions and they don’t have synopses (or labels/statuses etc).