Synopsis Show In Document?

Is there any way for me to use the corkboard feature where I brainstorm and just writes notes in the synopsis areas while looking at the cork board, and then have those notes actually then transfer into the document visibly when I click into it?

The use case would be I could sort of mind map my thoughts and notes into the little synopsis areas and then compile them into a printable document. Not a book, just a document. I was looking for a way to also use this as a thought processor.

I’m sure somebody with more Scrivener experience than me will answer but If it’s simple mind-mapping that you require I use Freeplane.

It can be as complicated or easy as you want, can be imported into Scrivener, works on Windows, Mac and Linux and is free.

What about having a look at Scapple?


Looks like you’re a Beta user per your profile. Scrivener 3 (via the 2.9X Beta) is a superb thought manager for those of us who prefer our thought blocks in neat columns rather than wrangled around the screen. The key in my experience is to master Stacked Corkboards, section 8.2.8 in the manual, and the Vertical View, aka Arrange Cards in Columns.

Here’s an advanced corkboard technique that I think will deliver roughly what you’re seeking. With your corkboard up, set your Inspector to Document Bookmarks, and drag the index card you’re on into the first position, making the document its own first bookmark. Now you have an editable view of your document in the narrow Inspector pane, juxtaposed with your corkboard. If you have no Synopsis, the first text in your document will be shown on the corresponding card, so that you can fully express your thought in the Inspector pane while still brainstorming in Corkboard view… If you’d rather maintain the synopsis on the card, the Doc Bookmarks preview will give you an easy way to copy and paste it into the corresponding document.

Rgds - Jerome

You can compile your synopses into a document, like an outline. Is that what you’re after? You can also split your editor into 2, and view your cork board (or the outline view) on one side, while writing into the document’s body in another without having to compile the synopses at all. The inspector also can display a single document’s synopsis.

As a thought from Mac Scrivener 3, we have a menu command Documents->Auto-fill->Append Synopsis to Text. This, as it says, copies the synopsis of one or more documents to the end of its main text. If the main text is empty, that’s the top of the text. :wink: I have no way of knowing whether Windows RC has implemented this, nor where to look for it on Windows if it has, but it’s worth looking for if it’s the sort of thing you want.

Forgive me if you already know these, but if you just want to be able to see the synopsis while editing the main text, there are several features available. If you are editing a document its synopsis is visible in the Inspector sidebar. You can split the editor so that the corkboard with all its synopses is visible in one while you edit your target doc in the other. You can split editors as above but change the corkboard view to an outliner view which may give you even more synopses to view.

Hope this helps! If not, please forgive this Mac dragon who will crawl back into her hole. :blush:

Wow, ALL OF THIS FEEDBACK IS FANTASTIC!!! I do own Scrivener 1 for windows, just waiting for the release of 3 :wink:

I love every idea and the friendliness and helpfulness of this community is fantastic! I appreciate it!