Synopsis Stays The Same When Move to Next Text Doc

  1. Open a text document
  2. Enter some text into the synopsis
  3. Click the Go To Next Document button

The text will stay the same, even though you are looking at a new document. This only happens after changing the text in the synopsis.

I was just about to post about the same thing when I found this thread.

I’m seeing this happen when using the keyboard to navigate the binder with Previous/Next Document, and also to a limited extent when using the mouse on the editor’s “show last” and “show next” buttons.

It only happens when these key commands are used while the Synopsis box has the focus. The document title in the synopsis box updates correctly, but the text stays with that of the last focused doc. The issue doesn’t show up when naving with a mouse, which steals focus from the synopsis box.

In the case of the editor buttons, it looks like the same thing happens, but only for some number of clicks. At some point, something trips it back into sync, possibly when it hits a container… or a doc with some particular relation to a container…?

Thanks, filed!

To warn you that this is somewhat serious, today I found out that the document titles are modified as you move through them with “Go to next document.”

I wanted to modify the titles of my timeline notecards, but as I moved through them, they were all changed to have the same title as the one I modified originally, and the information in them (which was the date) was lost.

I was able to recover by going to a backup.

Thank you; I’ve added it to the ticket. Good to hear you were able to recover from the backup!

Ah, I just encountered this.

I set up an autohotkey script to copy the text out of my document, paste it into the synopsis and then move to the next document and repeat. Only because of this bug, the previous contents of the synopsis didn’t clear when I moved to the next document, each new paste was being appended to the previous contents and my synopses were growing longer and longer and longer.

LOL, had me confused for a moment as I thought I’d messed up in my script somewhere. I just added a click back into the Editor before I move to the next document and it works fine.

I’m now experiencing something that is related to, if it’s not one and the same with, the OP issue.

In a scrivening, the content of the inspector’s Notes pane goes out of sync with the doc that has the active cursor in the editor. This can make it difficult to verify that the empty Project Notes you’re about to write to belongs to the doc you’re in in the editor.

Containers are definitely a factor.

Click, in the Binder, on a container, and the Editor, Synopsis, and Notes panes behave as expected.
Click, in the Editor, into one of the other docs, and the E, S, and N all behave as expected.
Click, in the Editor, back into the container, and neither the S nor the N update.

With nested folders, the problem will appear at successively higher container levels, where clicking into the container that defines the current scrivening doesn’t sync the S or N panels.

Doesn’t seem to bean issue with arbitrary scrivenings, just container-defined.

Thanks, noted!