Synopsis Stuck in Bold.

A minor annoyance, but it does seem to come up. When I’m in the outliner, write the title then hit return for the synopsis, everything works fine: The title is in bold. The synopsis in roman.

But if I decide that the title is too long and cut it, starting the synopsis at the “cut” by hitting “Ctrl Return” I can’t get the stuff out of bold. I have to start over. Anyone else have this problem? The attached .jpg may explain it best Thanks. David.
Synopsis in Bold.jpg

You’re still editing the title, not typing in the synopsis. Scrivener allows for multi-line titles, so using ctrl-return or opt-return just puts a line-break in the title.

To do what you want, instead of using ctrl-enter at the break, try using shift-cmd-down arrow to select the part of the title you want to switch to synopsis, then use cmd-x to cut it, hit enter, and then cmd-v to paste. The OS text system being what it is, it will probably appear in bold first, but as soon as you click out of editing it, it will revert to proper synopsis text.

Excellent. Like many things (in Scrivener and life), it’s obvious once it’s pointed out. Of course the Ctrl Return was just keeping it w/ the title. Although I didn’t know the OS X shift-command-arrow command. Thanks.